Happy Thanksgiving!

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Well then!  It only took me a month in my new home of Dar es Salaam to get around to getting this blog off the ground.  I intended to get started before I left, as I tried to plan my adventure and get my home life sorted out, but here we are!  I intend this primarily as a chronicle of my travels, but some of life’s other adventures and lessons will no doubt turn up.

Thanksgiving in Dar es Salaam was much like Friendsgiving at home. Except, my apartment building’s Christmas tree went up sometime between the time I went to the grocery store and when we left for Turkey Day!  Christmas is a deal here, too, but I haven’t heard any carols…. yet. I was invited to hang out with three colleagues’ families with multiple kids and a few other orphans.  Turkey, smoked gravy (absolutely divine), corn pudding, two kinds of mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, stuffing, cranberry daiquiris, cranberry margaritas, copious wine, apple and pumpkin pies, a cranberry upside cake, homemade ice cream, and some kind of pecan pie cookies. Whew.  I think I took a solid half day to digest!   Still, it was just the way Thanksgiving ought to be, whether with family or not.  A little bit chaotic, a little bit loud, a little bit boozy, and a lot a bit fun!


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